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3B-C40   "Physiology of Nerves" Series, 5 magnetic models on illustrated metal board
CAN-30-2102   Cando Round Foam Roller, 4x36"
CP-ABD-6112P   12" Abdominal Binder Semi-Universal
CP-BRE-6632P   12" Breathable Body Shield
PHS-I9346   18L Towel Warmer, 120V, US Plug
3B-A76-9   2 Lumbar Vertebrae with prolapsed disc, flexibly mounted
CC-ICABC2015   2015 ABC Coding Manual
CC-CCDB15   2015 ChiroCode Deskbook
3B-A76-8   3 Lumbar Vertebrae, flexibly mounted
3B-W60601   3B Basic Portable Massage Table
3B-W60623CBGP   3B Comfort Bolster
3B-W60602   3B Deluxe Portable Massage Table
3B-W60620FP   3B Fluffy Round Bolster
3B-W60609BKP   3B Full Round Bolster
3B-W60621HGP   3B Half Round Bolster
3B-W60619JBK   3B Jumbo Full Round Bolster, Black
3B-W60618JHP   3B Jumbo Half Round Bolster
3B-W60622MBGP   3B Mini Half Round Bolster
3B-W60606   3B Pro Massage Chair
3B-A75-1   5 Vertebrae - Atlas, axis, cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. Loosely threaded on nylon.
3B-A75   6 Mounted Vertebrae, atlas, axis, another cervical vertebra, two thoracic vertebrae with inter-vertebral discs and one lumbar vertebra
CP-BRE-6630P   6" Breathable Body Shield
CR-380100   6" x 9" Flex-i-cold Ice Pack Set
PB-TRA-6WAY   6-Way Cervical Stretch Exerciser
RM-CAN-ROS7   7' Adult Cannula Soft, Box of 50
PHS-I9320   8" Classic Adjustable Face Rest Base (Beige)
CP-ABD-6109P   9" Abdominal Binder Semi-Universal
CP-BRE-6631P   9" Breathable Body Shield
PHS-DPOS-B   9" Deluxe Adjustable Base Only (Wood)
PHS-V1000   A3 Whole Body Vibration V1000
DDD-ALxH   Academic Lumbar Herniated Disc Model by Dynamic Disc Designs
TB-20381   Activity Recovery Kit: Advanced
TB-20380   Activity Recovery Kit: Beginner
ADC-865-12XBD   ADCUFF Inflation System, Lrg Adult, Burgundy
ADC-830-11ABKP   ADCUFF Sphyg Cuff, Adult
ADC-830-12XBKP   ADCUFF Sphyg Cuff, Large Adult
ADC-830-10SABKP   ADCUFF Sphyg Cuff, Small Adult
ADC-2150   Adimals Pediatric Pulse Oximeter
CP-ACC575   Adjust-A-Lift Heel
CP-ROL-302   Adjustable Travel Roll
ADC-356P   Adlite Disp. Penlight
ADC-351   ADLITE Disposable Penlight 6/pack
ADC-355BK   Adlite Pro Reusable LED Penlight
ADC-600BKP   ADSCOPE 600 Cardiology Stethoscope
ADC-603P   ADSCOPE 603, Adult
ADC-604BKP   ADSCOPE 604 Pediatric Stethoscope
ADC-605BKP   ADSCOPE 605 Infant Stethoscope
ADC-613BKRB   ADSCOPE 613 Teaching Stethoscope
ADC-641BBP   ADSCOPE 641 Sprague Stethoscope
ADC-647P   ADSCOPE 647 22"
ADC-657BK   ADSCOPE 657 Electronic Stethoscope
ADC-609P   ADSCOPE-lite 609
ADC-413B-00   ADTEMP II Digital Thermometer, °F/°C, Oral, 25/pkg
ADC-415FL   ADTEMP IV Digital Thermometer Flex, °F/°C
ADC-415   ADTEMP IV Digital Thermometer, °F/°C
ADC-416-50P   ADTEMP Sheaths
THP-CPA103   Adult Commuter Pillow
ADC-9000BPP   Adview BP - Vital Signs Monitor
ACC-3614   Anatomical Visual Guide to Sports Injuries
3B-A71-5   Atlas and axis cervical model, with occipital plate (stand included)
3B-A71   Atlas and axis cervical vertebrae model wire mounted together, no stand
ADC-3698BK   Babinski Hammer, Adjustable
CP-PRO4800 DSPAK   Back Saver Wallet Display
3B-W15142   Balance Board for Ballerina Posture
3B-W54665   Baseline 360 Goniometer 14 inch
3B-W50173   Baseline 7-Piece Hand Evaluation Set
3B-W54660   Baseline Absolute Axis 360 Digital Goniometer
3B-W54659   Baseline Absolute Axis 360 HiRes Plastic 12 in Goniometer
3B-W54668   Baseline AcuAngle Inclinometer
3B-W54666   Baseline Arthordial Protractor
3B-W54667   Baseline Body Level
3B-W50178   Baseline Bubble Inclinometer
3B-W50170   Baseline Digital Inclinometer
3B-W54670   Baseline Discrim-A-Gon 2 Point Discriminator, 2 Disc Set
3B-W54305   Baseline Hand-held Body Fat Monitor
3B-W54658   Baseline Plastic Absolute Axis 360 Plastic 12in Goniometer
3B-W54662   Baseline SS 180 Conzett Goniometer 14 in
3B-W54661   Baseline SS 180 Goniometer 8 inch
3B-W54663   Baseline SS 180 Robinson Goniometer 6 in
3B-W54664   Baseline Stainless Steel Goniometer Set, 6pc w/ Case
G150   Basic 3 Piece Lumbar Model w/ Anatomy Education Card
G170   Basic Lumbar Vertebrae w/Sacrum
CP-BBH-6906P   Better Binder Post-Partum Support
CP-WST-6815   BI-Lateral Thumb Spica Support
CP-CLR-6259   Black Foam Cervical Collar
CMS-1500   Blue Vinyl ColPac Standard Size 11"x14"
ACC-7361   Blueprint for Health Your Muscles Anatomical Chart
ACC-7347   Blueprint for Health Your Skeleton Anatomical Chart
CP-BRE-6640   Body Shield Posture Support
MIL-BDSAASB   Body Sport® Air Ankle Stirrup Brace With Air Pump
MIL-BDS120STD   Body Sport® Cervical Support Pillow, 24" x 16", Polyester Fiber Fill
MIL-BDS06BGEP   Body Sport® Exercise Band, 6 YD Roll
MIL-BDS100   Body Sport® Fitness Ball Stackers, Set of Three
MIL-BDS140BL   Body Sport® Leg Positioning Support, 10" x 8" x 6"
MIL-BDS240   Body Sport® Shoulder Pulley
MIL-BDS200   Body Sport® Tennis Elbow, 3" x 12"
MIL-BDSM100   Body Sport® Therapeutic Massager, Two-Speed
MIL-BDSUAS   Body Sport® Universal Arm Sling
MIL-BDSBB16   Body Sport® Wobble Board, 16" Diameter
BPC-00068-04D   BodyPartChart Autonomic Nervous System
BPC-00457-04D   BodyPartChart Autonomic Nervous System Lateral - Labeled
BPC-00801-06R   BodyPartChart BJ Palmer
BPC-00092-04D   BodyPartChart Cervical MRI - Sagittal and Axial
BPC-00318-06R   BodyPartChart Chiropractic Quotes
BPC-00055-04D   BodyPartChart Dermatomes - Front
BPC-00807-04D   BodyPartChart Dermatomes - Front and Rear - Series 2
BPC-00169-04D   BodyPartChart Dermatomes - Rear
BPC-00392-06D   BodyPartChart Disc Herniation Impingement
BPC-00393-06D   BodyPartChart Disc Herniation Impingement - Labeled
BPC-00462-04D   BodyPartChart Effects of Spinal Misalignments - Labeled
BPC-00368-04D   BodyPartChart Inside A Joint
BPC-01037-04D   BodyPartChart Lateral Cervical Spine
BPC-01038-04D   BodyPartChart Lateral Cervical Spine - Labeled
BPC-00822-04D   BodyPartChart Lateral Cervical Spine Conditions
BPC-00823-04D   BodyPartChart Lateral Cervical Spine Conditions - Labeled
BPC-00091-04D   BodyPartChart Lumbar MRI - Sagittal and Axial
BPC-00358-06D   BodyPartChart Muscle Structure - Labeled
BPC-00033-06D   BodyPartChart Muscles - Front and Rear View
BPC-00226-06D   BodyPartChart Muscular System Front - Labeled
BPC-00421-06D   BodyPartChart Muscular System Rear - Labeled
BPC-00046-06D   BodyPartChart Nervous System - Rear View
BPC-00197-06D   BodyPartChart Nervous System Rear View - Labeled
BPC-01196-01D   BodyPartChart Posture Grid
BPC-00035-04D   BodyPartChart Prolapsed Disc
BPC-00353-04D   BodyPartChart Prolapsed Disc - Labeled
BPC-00067-04D   BodyPartChart Protection of the Spinal Cord
BPC-00175-04D   BodyPartChart Protection of the Spinal Cord - Labeled
BPC-00499-03D   BodyPartChart Simplified Muscular System - Labeled
BPC-00498-03D   BodyPartChart Simplified Skeletal System - Labeled
BPC-00406-06D   BodyPartChart Skeletal System - Front
BPC-00051-06D   BodyPartChart Skeletal System - Rear
BPC-00050-06D   BodyPartChart Skeletal System Front - Labeled
BPC-00407-06D   BodyPartChart Skeletal System Rear - Labeled
BPC-00332-06D   BodyPartChart Spinal Cord
BPC-00106-06D   BodyPartChart Spinal Cord - Labeled
BPC-00107-04D   BodyPartChart Spinal Degeneration - Labeled
BPC-00789-04D   BodyPartChart Spinal Degeneration Series
BPC-00066-06D   BodyPartChart Spine
BPC-01203-01D   BodyPartChart Spine - Anterior and Posterior Views
BPC-00086-04D   BodyPartChart Spine - Labeled
BPC-00260-04D   BodyPartChart Spine Conditions
BPC-00261-04D   BodyPartChart Spine Conditions - Labeled
BPC-00367-04D   BodyPartChart Subluxation
BPC-00366-04D   BodyPartChart Subluxation - Labeled
BPC-01014-03D   BodyPartChart Text Posture Dysfunction
BPC-00788-04D   BodyPartChart Vertebral Axial Decompression
BPC-00374-04D   BodyPartChart Vertebral Column
BPC-00376-04D   BodyPartChart Vertebral Column - Labeled
BPC-00080-04D   BodyPartChart Whiplash
BPC-00909-04D   BodyPartChart Whiplash Series
3B-A52   BONElike Pediatric/Child's Spine Model
3B-A794   BONElike™ Vertebral Column Spinal Model
CP-BRE-6633P   Breathable Trochanter Belt
ADC-3691   Buck Hammer with Brush & Needle
ACC-CH95   Budget Bart Skeleton
ACC-CH10   Budget Bucky Skeleton Model
ACC-CHLS4   Budget Lumbar Vertebrae Sets
ACC-CH168   Budget Painted Skeleton Model
ACC-CS20V   Budget Skull w/Cervical Vertebrae
CAN-10-5161   Cando Be-Better General Rehab Kit, Beginner
CAN-10-5162   Cando Be-Better General Rehab Kit, Intermediate
CAN-10-5163   Cando Be-Better Lower Body Kit
CAN-10-5169   Cando Be-Better Rehab Kit, Hand/Wrist
CAN-10-5168   Cando Be-Better Rehab Kit, Knee/Hip
CAN-10-5165   Cando Be-Better Rehab Kit, Lower Back
CAN-10-5167   Cando Be-Better Rehab Kit, Neck/Cervical
CAN-10-5160   Cando Be-Better Shoulder Rehab Kit
CAN-10-5570P   Cando Bowtie Exercise Tubing 14"
CAN-10-5579   Cando Bowtie Exercise Tubing 14", 5 pc set (yellow-black)
CAN-10-5580P   Cando Bowtie Exercise Tubing 22"
CAN-10-5589   Cando Bowtie Exercise Tubing 22", 5 pc set (yellow-black)
CAN-10-5590P   Cando Bowtie Exercise Tubing 30"
CAN-10-5599   Cando Bowtie Exercise Tubing 30", 5 pc set (yellow-black)
CAN-10-5830P   Cando Bowtie Tubing Exerciser, Full Body Set (1 ea:14",22",30")
CAN-10-5839   Cando Bowtie Tubing Exerciser, Full Body Set (1 ea:14",22",30") yellow-black
CAN-W40137P   Cando Deluxe Anti-Burst Exercise Ball
CAN-10-0740P   Cando Digi-Flex hand/finger exerciser
CAN-10-0745   Cando Digi-Flex hand/finger exerciser, 5 piece set
CAN-10-0758   Cando Digi-Flex hand/finger exerciser, 8 piece set
CAN-10-0711   Cando Economy Pedal Exerciser, comes k/d
CAN-W49773P   Cando Exercise Wate Bars
CAN-W51100P   Cando Extension/Flexion Web, 14 in
CAN-30-2117P   Cando Half-Round Foam Roller
CAN-10-0718   Cando Heavy Duty Pedal Exerciser, Folding
CAN-10-0712   Cando Heavy Duty Pedal Exerciser, Folding with Digital Display
CAN-30-1870BP   Cando Inflatable Vestibular Seating/Standing Disc 35cm
CAN-30-1868BP   Cando Inflatable Vestibular Seating/Standing Disc 60cm
CAN-W49783P   Cando Jumbo Wate Bars
CAN-01-8030   Cando Magneciser Arm/Leg Pedal Exerciser
CAN-10-0710   Cando Pedal Exerciser, Assembled
CAN-30-2107P   Cando Round Foam Roller
CAN-W54270   Cando Small Bellows Pump
CAN-W54271   Cando Small Bellows Pump
CAN-W51134   Cando Thera Putty 25 pk, 2oz Containers
CAN-W51135   Cando Thera Putty 25 pk, 4oz Containers
CAN-W51132BP   Cando Thera Putty, 1lb.
CAN-W51130BP   Cando Thera Putty, 2oz.
CAN-W51131BP   Cando Thera Putty, 4oz.
CAN-W51133BP   Cando Thera Putty, 5lb.
CAN-W54617   Cando Tubing PEP Pack, Difficult

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