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LifeBack Lumbar Support Belt CorFit Value Back Brace CorFit Back Support Belt Massage Blocks Complete Set
The LifeBack® is a state of the art, uniquely designed, light weight, comfortable lumbar support. The CorFit System is the best designed lumbosacral support on the market.
The CorFit System is designed to fit everyone and provides comfort,
compression, flexibility and stability.
Trigger Point Self Therapy for everyone, at home and on your own time.  Everything you need to relax hard to reach muscles from the arch of the foot to the upper neck.
CorFit Industrial Back Support Belt CorFit Advantage Belt with AP Pads CryoStim Probe Pack Blue Vinyl ColPac Standard Size 11"x14"
The CorFit Advantage Lumbosacral Support utilizes the patented PowerWrap tensioning system to achieve superior compression with less effort.
Practical and easy to wear, the CorFit® Advantage AP provides maximum support and comfort for patients suffering from low back pain or injuries.
The CryoStim Probe was created by Pelton Shepherd Industries in 1986 to provide people with an alternative for pain relieving.
Designed for heavy clinical use and effective for pain relief.

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